Magwell LLC, has been a long-term trusted partner for Magnetic Level Gauges and Manifolds. Our Class leading technology with industry leading warranty of 10 years has made our name a force to reckon with. Working closely with our clients allows us to act in their best interest over the long term. Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters, Guided Wave Level Transmitters, Needle Valves and Manifolds.

Magnetic Level Gauges

AUTOMAG series Magnetic Level Indicators are highly reliable level measuring instruments for continuous process level indication & control of levels. The design relies on the principle of buoyancy to display liquid level or interface of liquids. MLI proves to be highly reliable and long lasting when compared to conventional glass tube designs as it can withstand high pressure without leakage or breakage problems.

Magnetic Level Gauges with Bridle for GWR

AUTOMAG series Magnetic Level Indicators are are coupled with Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters in a Bridle arrangement. This helps in both visual indication as well as Transmission to the DCS or PLC for the control applications. 

Needle valves & Manifolds

Standard Working Pressure 6,000 PSI with PTFE packing.
SS 316/316L Bar stock construction
Grafoil offered for higher temperatures.
Standard NPT End Connections.
Heat Code Traceability.
NACE MR-01-75 Compliant materials available on request.
3.1 Certificates furnished.


Solid Bore Construction
Wide selection of Materials
Numerous combinations for complex industrial applications Meets ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2016 Standards
Materials according to NACE MR 01-75
Custom engineered to most demanding requirements Unique Serial numbers on all Thermowells
Completely Designed and Engineered in-house
Wake Frequency calculations shall be provided*
Full penetration welds on all Flanged Thermowells

RTD’s & Thermocouples

The TA100 series is an ATEX and IECEx approved spring loaded stainless steel Nipple Union Assemblies that can be used with any approved equipment or transmitter that offers at least the same level of protection. This allows the entire assembly to be ATEX or IECEx approved. The assembly has a 1/2” NPT thread at the probe end and a 1/2" NPT or M20 thread at the lead end (thread for flame lock). The probe end of the nipple union is threaded to accommodate an optional protection of the probe such as a thermowell.

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Fuel Heating etc.

Industries Served

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RTD’s & Thermocouples

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