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Jordan Valve is a leading manufacturer of high quality products for the U.S. and international markets. Founded in the late 1940's with just one product - a small mixing valve - Jordan Valve has evolved into a complete line of pressure and temperature regulators, pneumatic and electric control valves and sanitary valves.

The cornerstone of the Jordan Valve product line is the sliding gate seat. Jordan is the originator of the sliding gate design which was first developed in 1947 by William Jordan. The sliding gate is a unique and superior seat design that provides many advantages over traditionally designed pressure and temperature regulators and control valves.

Straight-Through Flow

The disc is moved across the surface of the plate by the disc pin. When throttled open, the slots of the disc and plate align to allow the required flow through the seats. Since the flow path is straight through the slots, turbulence, noise, and wear are reduced. Another feature of this unique design is that the disc is supported from behind by the plate. This enables the seats to operate efficiently in the near closed position without being disturbed by the high, un-balanced forces a single seated globe valve would experience. This unique ability provides much higher rangeability than can be achieved with a globe style valve while maintaining tight shut-off. In conventional rising stem globe style valves.

Jordan Sliding Gate Valve
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Short Stroke, Fast Response

The stroke of the sliding gate valve is just 1/3 that of a globe style valve. This translates into fast response, reduced droop, longer diaphragm life, and greater sensitivity. The disc requires very little travel to move from fully open to fully closed, and quickly corrects pressure or temperature deviations. The end result is faster response and more accurate control than provided with conventional seat designs.

Easy to Maintain

The simple design of the sliding gate valve eliminates most maintenance problems, and those that may be required are easy to perform. Disassembly of the valve is very simple and, since the seats are not welded to the stem, they conveniently lift out of the body.

Should your flow requirements change, interchangeable Cvs are available in flow coefficients as low as 0.0008 and as high as 395 (depending on body size). In addition, on control valves, the action can be changed from reverse (air-to-open) to direct (air-to-close) by simply rotating the disc and plate 180¡ã. No change is required inside the actuator. Furthermore, since the disc and plate operates in a continually lapping condition, you never need to pull the valves out of the line to lap the trim in order to ensure tight shutoff performance.

Quiet Operation

The sliding gate valve is inherently quieter than other types of valves because;

The disc and plate remain in constant contact, eliminating chatter.

The straight-through flow passage minimizes turbulence, a prime cause of valve noise.

The multiple orifices in the plate and disc divide the flow into smaller flow components.

Quiet operation is a standard feature of Jordan Sliding Gate valves. You wont find a premium price adder for low noise trim.


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