DP Transmitter Adds Flow Measurement Capability

The Ashcroft® GC52 wet-wet differential pressure transmitter now includes push-button settings to allow the instrument to calculate direct flow readings by measuring DP across a restriction. In addition, a flow totalization counter can be activated to display the accumulated volume of passed fluid. A valuable addition to this remarkable instrument!

More than Just Rugged Good Looks…

The GC35 is our latest innovation in pressure monitoring and control. Housed in a robust nickel plated cast aluminum enclosure and boasting a high over-pressure tolerance, this multi-function pressure sensor is the perfect fit for a wide variety of applications. The GC35 offers a useful combination of features, including a tri-color, LED GloBand™ indicator. Why do the colors change? Read more…

New Seals Shield Your Instruments from Caustic Media

Ashcroft® Types 510 & 511 diaphragm seals are the newest addition to our expansive line of Ashcroft® instrument media isolators. These economical, all welded seals protect pressure gauges, transmitters, switches and other instruments against the potentially harmful affects of caustic media. Click the blue link to learn about features, available ranges, wetted materials and more.

Hex Monoweld Products

The Hex monoweld is used on upstream offshore/onshore gas and oil production and initial processing installations. Typically used on single or dual gauge pressure or analyzer installations to minimize the size and weight of the pipe-valve assemblies used for primary and/or secondary isolation, vent and calibration. Also used in downstream oil and gas refining and petrochemical production on welded, or flanged pipe processes, primary on gas applications or light end liquids.

Miniature Pressure Switch for Big Jobs

The A-Series stainless steel pressure switch is designed for tough OEM and industrial applications requiring a durable, high quality miniature switch. Choose from NEMA 4 watertight or NEMA 7 explosion proof enclosures.

Eliminate Pointer Bounce and Expensive Liquid Fill

The Ashcroft® PLUS!™ Performance feature stabilizes pointer motion in the presence of pump pulsation and high vibration, eliminating the need for expensive liquid fill fluids like Halocarbon. This unique attribute also inhibits movement wear which greatly extends the life of the gauge. The PLUS!™ performance option is available on a variety of Ashcroft® pressure gauges, including the Type 1009 PLUS!™ small and large diameter industrial gauges and the Type 5500 & Type 1279 Duragauge® PLUS!™ process gauge.

Need some help selecting a Pressure Gauge?.

We can help you with some basic gauge selection criteria. Just read our guide "Seven Steps to Select a Pressure Gauge" (pdf).

Ashcroft Product Guide for the Water Industries

With so many products to choose from, it’s not always easy to pin-down the best instrument for your installation. To help make your job easy, we’ve created a product guide specifically for the water treatment and wastewater industries. Click here to view the bulletin on line.


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