Over 150 years ago, Edward Ashcroft saw the need for safer, more sophisticated pressure and temperature instruments for use in the emerging steam industry. In response, he introduced a then-revolutionary new Bourdon tube pressure gauge. The rest is history.

Industrial Measurement & Monitoring

Ashcroft® transducers/transmitters, pressure and temperature switches, thermometers, test equipment, and extensive variety of pressure gauges are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities. Industrial and commercial pressure gauges in sizes from less than 1” to 12” in pressure ranges up to 100,000 psi.

Ashcroft Pressure Gauges – When it comes to industrial measurement and monitoring, Ashcroft is well known for their reliability and durability. Ashcroft pressure gauges are available in a wide variety of industrial and commercial pressure gauges, in sizes from less than 1'' to 12'', and with pressure ranges up to 100,000 psi. Available in our process and stainless steel pressure gauges, the patented award-winning PLUS! option solves the problems of vibration and pulsation in your applications. The PLUS! option provides the same performance of a liquid-filled gauge in a dry gauge – without the hassles sometimes associated with a liquid filled gauge. It also significantly increases the life of a dry gauge by 50% in severe vibration and pulsation applications. Another exclusive feature found in commercial pressure gauges is the patented PowerFlex™ movement. The design of the movement cushions and protects against shock. In high vibration applications there are fewer parts to wear out. With 40% less mass, the movement can respond immediately to pressure fluctuations.

Ashcroft Pressure Transducers & Transmitters – Ideal for most commercial or industrial monitoring, measuring, sensing and control situations, Ashcroft transducers and transmitters include four types: gage, sealed, absolute and compound. Ranging from low-to-high pressure measurement and control, our transducer technology measures ranges from 0.05 inches H2O to 20,000 psi with accuracies of 0.02%, 0.25%, 0.50% and 1%. High-pressure models can be used on a variety of applications including HVAC and hydraulic system monitoring and control. Low-pressure control transducers and transmitters use patented Si-Glass™ technology that is designed to give longer life to low-pressure gauges. The low-pressure models work well with static or velocity pressure.

Ashcroft Thermometers & Thermowells – Ashcroft offers three types of thermometers: bimetal thermometers, gas-actuated Duratemp® thermometers and digital thermometers. The bimetal thermometer measures ranges from -80° F to 1000°. The gas-actuated Duratemp® series measures temperatures from -320° F to 1200° F. The digital thermometer is panel mounted, shock and vibration resistant and comes in a watertight ultrasonic sealed case. Also available is a line of thermowells designed to work with Ashcroft industrial temperature instruments. Thermowells come in 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel with available .260 and .385 bore size. Reliable and accurate, Ashcroft temperature measurement instruments are ideal for use in a wide variety of industrial measurement and monitoring applications.

Ashcroft Pressure Switches & Temperature Switches - Pressure and temperature switches are used in numerous applications for control, alarm and shutdown. Our pressure switches can handle setpoints up to 20,000 psi. All temperature switches feature remote or direct mount bulbs, are constructed from sturdy stainless steel materials and can be used in most industrial and process applications. Setpoints are available from -40 to 750 degrees F.

Ashcroft Industrial Differential Pressure Switches - Our industrial differential pressure switches are designed for use with most industrial measurement, monitoring and process applications. All differential pressure switches record ranges between 30 in W.C. to 600 psid. Differential pressure switches come in either watertight or explosion proof enclosures except for the PD-N7 model which includes both of these safety features.

Times continue to change and so do the needs of industry. Products manufactured by Ashcroft Inc. have become the benchmark in pressure and temperature measurement and include gauges, thermometers, switches, transducers, transmitters, instrument isolators and diaphragm seals and control and calibration equipment.

Specified around the world for the most demanding requirements, these instruments are widely recognized under the brand names Ashcroft ®, Heise ®,  Willy ® and Weksler ® And you can find them in wastewater treatment facilities, biotech and pharmaceutical labs, medical applications, semiconductor facilities, refineries, power generation plants, food processing plants, pulp and paper mills, chemical manufacturing plants and the host of support companies that serve these industries.


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