AMOT is a leading global manufacturer of control, safety and hazardous area solutions for engines, compressors, turbines and other rotating equipment in the oil and gas, marine, power generation and transportation industries. Amot’s product families include valves, electric and pneumatic instrumentation, control and condition monitoring systems and hazardous area safety products.

Valves - Thermostatic Control, Temperature Control, Fuel Metering, Diesel Engine Air Intake shut off, Fuel Shut off and Air Start Valves

Electronic & Pneumatic Instrumentation - Temperature, Pressure, Vibration, Speed and Pneumatic Panel Components

Control Systems - Custom Engineered Control Systems based on leading industry standard PLCs, Field Sensors and Instrumentation

Condition Monitoring Systems - Bearing Condition Monitoring, Water in Oil Sensors, Shaft-line earthing, Metal Particle Detectors

Hazardous Area Products - Temperature, Pressure, Vibration, Speed, Spark Arrestors and Alternators

Diesel Engine Safety Solutions

Engine Control & monitoring

Compressor Solutions

Hazardous Area Solutions

Turbine Solutions

Marine Solutions

Control Solutions


Air Intake Shutoff Valves

Air intake shutoff valves (often referred to as AISV or ASOV) and systems provide emergency overspeed shutdown protection for diesel engines and are the most effective way of preventing a runaway situation. The valves completely block the engine air intake system, cutting off an uncontrolled external fuel source and the air required to keep the engine running.

Temperature Control Valves

AMOT temperature control valves include: thermostatic temperature control self-actuating temperature control , internally sensed temperature control and electrically or pneumatically actuated temperature control valves.  Externally sensed 3-way temperature control valves are used for tighter temperature control, remote temperature sensing and low pressure drop applications.

Fuel Shutoff/Air Start Valves

We have a line of rugged, compact fast acting valves for use in gas fuel shutoff and engine air start applications. The fail-safe pilot pressure operated 2-way and 2-way vented valves have a wide range of operating capacities and pressures. They can operate in a variety of environments and include NACE compliant and hazardous area approved models.

Fuel Metering Valves

High performance gas fuel metering valve designed for use with industrial and aero derivative gas turbines. The balanced rotary valve features fast operation with very high precision and large turn down ratio for reliable and efficient control.

Bearing Condition Monitoring

The XTS-W Bearing Condition Monitor provides ‘real-time’ data on crank train bearing condition. It displays the rate of degradation, bearing wear, water-in-oil content, and shaft line earth monitor to fully protect the crank train bearings. The XTS-W provides ‘real time’ information allowing the user to take appropriate corrective action thus avoiding consequential damage, costly unplanned repairs and loss of revenue.

Control Systems

AMOT designs control and monitoring systems for process packages, engines, compressors and pumps. We have specialized hazardous area expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering to address our customers' requirements and global industry standards. Our engineers have experience in all aspects of control system technology, from relay systems to advanced PLC and computer applications, and in systems ranging in size from single point alarm monitoring to complete plant control.

Electronic Instrumentation

Our industrial duty electronic instrumentation includes temperature sensors and switches, pressure switches, vibration sensors, transmitters and switches, impact transmitter, speed sensors and switches, oil condition monitoring switch and flow switch.

Hazardous Area Instrumentation

Our hazardous area electronic instrumentation includes temperature sensors and switches, pressure switches, vibration sensors, transmitters and switches, impact transmitter, speed sensors, switches and oil condition monitoring switch.

Pneumatic Instrumentation

AMOT manufactures an extensive range of pneumatic and hydromechanical instrumentation for use in control systems and panels. Our pneumatic panel components include 3-way and 4-way valves, indicators, indicating relays, trip indicators and a variety of control system accessories. Our instrumentation includes pressure, temperature, bearing temperature, vibration, and speed sensing valves.

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Industries Served

Chalwyn by AMOT is a leading manufacturer of diesel engine safety products for engines which operate in either hazardous areas where combustible gas, vapors or dust may exist, or situations demanding special safety precautions.

Roda Deaco by AMOT provides complete diesel engine overspeed air intake shutoff systems, offering a wide selection of sizes and actuation methods to meet the requirements of the hundreds of different diesel engine applications in use today.


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